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Each day, we take about 20,000 breaths. Although not thought about by most of us, this essential act can become difficult for those withlung disease, and it impacts their daily lives.Alan Betensley, MD, pulmonologist, discusses the different types of lung disease, how they are diagnosed and how they are treated. Dr. Betensley also talks about the advantages of choosing the Froedtert & MCW pulmonary team to treat your lung disease.

What is lung disease, and what can cause it to occur?

There's a wide range of lung diseases. They can be related to smoking, such asCOPDorlung cancer. There are genetic lung disorders like cystic fibrosis. There are autoimmune diseases which causeinterstitial lung diseaseor pulmonary hypertension. Then, we also have those of unknown cause, which we call idiopathic, most commonly idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which is also known as IPF.

How are the different types of lung disease treated?

We'll start with an accurate diagnosis. We have minimally invasive diagnoses that can be obtained by our interventional pulmonologists. As far as treatment, it can be as simple assmoking cessationor pulmonary rehabilitation. We offer a range of treatments for lung cancer, and we even offerlung transplant. We are one of less than 70 active centers in the country that offer lung transplant.

为什么有人选择Froedtert &华盛顿吗provider for their lung disease care?

Many of our physicians are also researchers. Therefore, we do have a wide range ofclinical trialsavailable. We have some specially trained pulmonologists in areas such as transplant or interstitial lung disease or even cystic fibrosis. Essentially, we can offer a solution for your lung disease no matter the complexity.

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